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About me

My name is Melanie Kalfaian and I am an Argentinian living and working in London.

I graduated with a degree in Communication and with a degree in Advertising Editor, and I have a post-graduate Diploma in Event Management. Additionally, I was trained in Coaching & Neuro-linguistic Programming as a Practitioner.

I have spent half of my life helping small and medium companies in their growth trajectory as a person responsible for the development of the communication strategy. Givenchy, Marriott Hotels, Carmen Steffens, Warner Bros, MAC, Hilton and  Chicas Guapas TV are some of the national and international brands with which I have had the opportunity to work. From 2019 I also became an online instructor across the educational platform, Udemy, where I teach different skills for Spanish speaking students: Event Management, SCRUM for entrepreneurs and design tools. 


In 2020 I founded the Tablescapes & Home Decoration company, What a Host, based in the UK, where we offer a curated selection of trendy home decoration, modern, minimal and built to last.


I consider myself as a full-soul entrepreneur, serial traveler and wine and food lover.  Come with me on this journey!




1. A series that cannot be missed:


2. I am VERY AFRAID of:

a. Public speaking

b. Travel by airplane

c. Heights

d. Cockroaches

3. A person with whom I would like to

share a dinner:

my granny

4. Someday I would like to:

adopt a dog

5. My best travel plan is and will always be:


a. Summer and beach

b. Mountain and extreme sports

c. I better stay home

6. If I could travel to another time for a day, I would go to:


a. Paris in the 1920s

b. New York in the 50s

c. I would travel to the future

7. My best Saturday night plan is:

go out for dinner

8. I can not miss in my fridge:

a. cheese

b. Butter

c. Orange juice

d. Other food:


You might have seen me with...

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