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About me

My name is Melanie Kalfaian and I am an Argentinian living and working in London.

I graduated with a degree in Communication and with a degree in Advertising Editor, and I have a post-graduate Diploma in Event Management. Additionally, I was trained in Coaching & Neuro-linguistic Programming as a Practitioner.

I have spent half of my life helping small and medium companies in their growth trajectory as a person responsible for the development of the communication strategy. Givenchy, Marriot Hotels, Carmen Steffens, Warner Bros, MAC, Hilton and  Chicas Guapas TV are some of the national and international brands with which I have had the opportunity to work. From 2019 I also became an online instructor across the educational platform, Udemy, where I teach different skills for Spanish speaking students. 


In 2020 I founded the Tablescapes & Home Decoration company, What a Host, based in the UK, where we offer a curated selection of trendy home decoration, modern, minimal and built to last.

I created this Blog with the idea of sharing my experiences and help people finding amazing adventures out there; in London and Abroad. 


I consider myself as a full-soul entrepreneur, serial traveller and wine and food lover.  Come with me in this journey!



Lucía Ugarte
CEO & Founder Chicas Guapas TV

Melanie is responsible and proactive and has a creative and innovative capacity that make any project she participates in a success. She knows a lot about business and is a born generator of quality content and high profitability. Leader, motivator and an excellent person.

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Miranda Mougenot Mohorade
General Manager of Grupo Imagen

I worked with Melanie in organizing events for the women's market. I can say that she is very dedicated, professional, proactive and always brings new ideas that never cease to amaze.

It is a great pleasure to team up with her.

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Cynthia Proserpio
CEO & Founder Club Trendy

I worked with Melanie in different fashion events in which she was in charge of General Production and I always met a responsible and creative person. She is, without a doubt, a great professional that everyone should know!

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